It's good to know you are flexible when it comes to heating

Fuel Types


Pellets are the most common biomass fuel as they are readily available for bulk delivery for automatic feed systems just like oil or gas delivery, or can come in 10kg bags for manual fill boilers.

Bulk deliveries of pellets come in a minimum quantity of 3 tonnes and are blown from a delivery lorry to a store.

Pellets can be stored in a variety of ways; indoor silos, outdoor silos, underground tanks or a custom built store.

At R&I Cruden Ltd we design, supply and install all types of storage options to get the ideal solution for your project.

Pellets are approximately 30 – 40% cheaper than oil or LPG heating


Woodchip is the cheapest fuel source for automatic feed systems. It is ideal if you have your own wood supply and can chip your own wood. However there are local suppliers who produce and deliver woodchip, R&I Cruden have close links to local woodchip producers and can put you in touch with the right supplier for your boiler.

Woodchip is a denser fuel than pellets and initial installations costs are slightly more due to the stronger feeding equipment that is required. However the lower fuel costs benefit in the long term.


Logs are the perfect biomass fuel for those who want environmentally compatible heating and have their own supply of wood, or have access to an affordable source of wood.

Log boilers must be manually filled one or two times a day and due to the nature of the burning process a large thermal storage tank is required.

R&I Cruden supply the best dual fuel log boiler on the Market the Solar Focus Therminator that can burn logs or pellets so you are not restricted to one fuel source.

It's good to know you are flexible when it comes to heating. Logs are the cheapest fuel at present. Pellets are the easiest-to-handle wood-based fuel.

Of all wood-based fuels, pellets come closest to giving you the comfort of an oil- or gas-fired heating system. You decide how you want to heat - easily and conveniently with pellets or manually and at low cost with Logs.


Ideal fuel source for farmers or those close to farms. The Guntamatic Powerchip and Powercorn boilers are market leaders providing the flexibility to change fuel types at the touch of a button. The Powercorn can burn wood pellets or grains.

The Powerchip can burn all biomass fuels.

Grain is not available to burn on the RHI scheme.

Grain moisture must be less than 13% and 0.5% lime needs to be mixed into the fuel to make is less corrosive.


Oil seed rape straw is now available to burn with some boilers and RHI compliant. Contact us for more information

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