Case Studies


Domestic Biomass Installation

Reason for Switching to Biomass

Moved into brand new house in a new housing estate with an electric boiler. Found out very quickly the electric was very costly and couldn't afford to have the heating on enough to keep the house warm.

The Solution

Installed in March 2015 a 15kW manual fill pellet boiler.

Located in the garage along with buffer tank and associated equipment. Boiler filled with bags once a week and ash only needs to be emptied 2-3 times a year.

The Result

Fuel cost saving over 50% compared to electric.

RHI payments more than cover installation cost, CO2 reduced.

More importantly, affordable heating costs.

Now we can have the house warm enough for half the price of before

David Rintoul, House Owner


Key Facts

Fuel Consumption

3.6 Tonnes of wood pellets (pa)

Estimated C02 Saving

6.6 Tonnes (pa)

Average Project Cost

£10 - 15,000

RHI Approved

Project Payback Period

7 years

Total Payback

Covers installation costs

Financial information based on average project this size. Estimated figures not guaranteed. RHI figures at time of install.

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