01. Saving Money on Energy Bills.

Boiler systems require regular checks and maintenance to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible. By improving the efficiency of your boiler, less energy is required to operate the system on a daily basis consequently helping to reduce your energy bills.


02. Identifying Problems Early.

If there are any problems with your boiler, an annual service allows our engineers to identify them early which could save you costs before they become major repair works. Maintaining your boiler with regular service is more cost-effective than calling out an engineer to repair a boiler that isn’t working because it wasn’t serviced. It is also a major inconvenience being without heating and hot-water – especially in winter!


03. Reduce Risk of Replacing Boiler.

Replacing a boiler system can be an expensive and unexpected cost. By maintaining your system regularly and ensuring it operates smoothly, an annual service will help to increase the lifespan of your system and reduce the risk of having to replace your boiler system.


04. Validate Warranties.

For warranties on boiler systems to remain valid, it is a requirement that your system is annually maintained by an approved engineer. For some systems such as heat pumps with 7-year warranties, it can become very costly if repairs can’t be claimed due to voided warrantied. It is therefore important that annual services are maintained to prevent unnecessary costs.


At Ri Cruden, we provide comprehensive and professional maintenance plans for clients in both domestic and commercial applications. We are specialists in renewable and mechanical heating solutions, with expertise and experience in technologies such as biomass, ground and air source heat pumps, solar thermal, and solar PV. Our team are also highly experienced in traditional plumbing and heating solutions including oil, gas, LPG, electric, and solid fuel systems.

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