RI Cruden are proud to announce we have joined the Solar Energy UK trade association.

Callum Cruden, Company Director, has been working with the Scotland group throughout 2022 and was impressed with the informative and forward thinking nature of the Solar Energy forum. Although RI Cruden have specialised in solar PV installations since 2010, by joining Solar Energy UK we have extended our commitment to supporting the country’s transition to Net Zero. As a group the aim is to triple solar production across the UK up to 40GW per year by 2030.

We are also aligned with Solar Energy UK’s core values, including the belief that only credible installers who are registered with MCS and therefore compliant with industry standards and best practice, such as RI Cruden, should be completing solar PV installations. This is also a key requirement for accessing Business and Home Energy Scotland grant funding. Due to the rapid rise in popularity of solar PV systems we are unfortunately seeing the same trend as during the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme roll out, with a number of companies and sole traders completing sub-standard work, resulting in catastrophic issues post-installation for both customers and network providers.

RI Cruden are excited to contribute to development of the Scotland group and to help our customers reduce their bills as the energy crisis continues.

If you would like to find out how RI Cruden can help your business please contact our sales team today: sales@ricruden.net.