Renewables - Heat Pumps

Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps

We offer installation of Air source heat pumps. They fundamentally operate like an inverted refrigerator; it extracts heat from the air, even up to -20C.

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Solar PV, Battery storage & EV Charging

We offer solar PV solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Scotland and are always on the lookout for the next best renewable energy solution to bring to our clients. 

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Renewables - Ventilation & heat recovery

Full in house design and build service for ventilation systems

We provide technology that offers heat recovery and cooling with ventilation systems as some new build houses can be hard to cool down in the summer with high solar gains with windows.

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Renewables - Biomass & Waste wood boilers

Complete package: design, installation, commissioning & maintenance.

From beginning to completion, we manage the whole project so you have nothing to worry about. We deal with all necessary paperwork to ensure the accreditation of your system is taken care of also.

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