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Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps

We offer installation of Air source heat pumps. They fundamentally operate like an inverted refrigerator; it extracts heat from the air, even up to -20C.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps operate by extracting heat from pipes laid out in underground trenches, known as ground loops. Ground loops run much like underfloor heating in a house, about 1.2m depth and 1m apart. The ground loops, therefore, require a large area of land for installation. Where space is an issue, boreholes can be drilled which is equally effective. When boreholes are used, specialist-drilling companies are required to carry out the work at an additional cost. Ground source heat pump installations have a high initial installation cost, however, are more efficient than alternative systems in the long term and return a higher RHI payback. Ground source heat pumps work particularly well with underfloor heating systems. Traditional wet radiator systems are not well suited to ground source heat pump systems however new low-temperature radiators can be used. Single-phase or 3 phase units are available.

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Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are the ideal renewable solution as they are installed externally and require no preparation work, unlike ground source. This, therefore, means they are cheaper to install and are more commonly used than ground source They fundamentally operate like an inverted refrigerator; it extracts heat from the air, even up to -20C. Heat pumps work extremely well with underfloor heating systems but can also be used with traditional wet radiator systems, although some radiator sized may need increased to provide the correct amount of heat for the property. Radiator sizes will be identified during a site survey.

Air source heat pumps can now produce over 70-degree flow temperatures and are ultra-quiet to run.


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